Support the Trump Agenda

Yes! Donna has been a proud supporter of the Trump Agenda since day one. America needs President Trump, and he needs men and women in Congress who are willing to fight back against the far-left and their “Socialist Squad” who are trying to undermine him at every turn.

Sanctity of Human Life

All life is precious, and we have much to gain as a nation if we value and protect the unborn. Donna is 100% pro-life and supports defunding Planned Parenthood.

Defend the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is a vital part of our Bill of Rights and the fabric of freedom in this country. Law-abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves, their families, and their homes. Donna opposes any legislation that infringes on our God-given right to “keep and bear arms.”

Defeat Socialism

America cannot succumb to socialism. History has proven these ideas don’t work. The former Soviet Union, Cuba, and Venezuela all prove the destructive nature of socialism. Opportunity, incentive, and economies die in the wake of socialism. 
Donna opposes the “Socialist Squad” and their agenda. Donna will oppose legislation that seeks to implement laws or programs founded on socialist ideas. She will also work to encourage programs that bring back instruction of civics and U.S. history into our schools, so that students learn the uniqueness and value of our great nation.

Protect Religious Liberty

Americans have always been free to worship as they choose and bring those beliefs and views into the public arena. Now there are those who wish to use the government to silence voices of faith. True freedom allows for different beliefs free of government coercion. Donna supports keeping America free to worship and exercise faith, and express public opinions informed by those beliefs.

Border Security & Illegal Immigration

America is a sovereign nation and has the obligation to protect its citizens with secure borders. Porous borders and illegal immigration are threats to the safety of all Americans, and our communities. Donna supports President Trump’s plan to build the wall and secure the border.

Strong National Defense

In an age of terrorism and rogue regimes, we must be able to defend our nation. A strong military is essential to providing ongoing protection against those in our world who view weakness as an invitation for aggression. Donna supports our military and providing them with the resources needed to be an effective deterrent, and the greatest fighting force the world has ever known.