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Donna Rice is a fourth generation Wyomingite, attorney, and small business owner who lives in Casper. She is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-Trump. She supported the President from day one and will have his back in Washington. She believes we must fight back against the “Socialist Squad” who is seeking to change America as we know it – and not for the better. Along with life and the Second Amendment, religious liberty, property rights, farming and ranching, border security, and national security will all be top priorities of Donna’s when she goes to Washington and represents the great people of Wyoming.

As a small business owner, Donna knows our country, and parts of our state, are facing a long road back to recovery after the coronavirus crisis subsides. She wants to ensure Wyomingites have a strong, freedom-minded voice standing up for them as we work to make America great again. Donna looks forward to earning each and every vote over the next four months.

Donna attended Casper College, University of Wyoming, and University of Denver, College of Law. She and her husband of 23 years, Cliff, have six children, and over a dozen grandchildren.

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